Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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Annika om Parfyme(fritt) – Annika about Fragrance(Free)

Annikas Parfymefri blogg

I dag fann jag en blogg som Annika driver. Hun skriver om parfyme, parfymefritt, og om hvordan hun påvirkes av parfyme. Du finner den her:

In English

Annika’s Fragrance Free blog

Today I found a blog by Annika. She writes about fragrance, fragrance free and about how she is affected by fragrance. You find the blog at this address. It is in Norwegian so you need to use a translate to read it.

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Ingvor blogs Scent Free

Ingvor is a woman and a web friend of mine in Sweden who blogs about being sensitive to fragrance and many other chemicals. She have been kind enough to link to my site. Nice Ingvor!

Page about this blog at Ingvors blog:

Frontpage of Ingvors blog Scent Free:

Ingvor got a nice translater feature at her blog so you can translate it all to English if you want. :)

Deodorants Fragrance Free

Here is a list of #FragranceFree #Deodorants I have found and linked in here. I have not tested those Products myself (but maybe later on). Note the links lead to sites in different Languages, so if it is not in Your native Language you may need to use a translator. The list will be added to as goes.

Helsedeodoranten Crystal stick
Available in Health stores (at least in Norway).

Tested: Neutral Deo Roll-On
Available in many stores in Scandinavia.

Tested: COOP Ânglamark Deo Roll-On
Available in COOP stores in Europe

Tested: Alva Krystal Deodorant Stick deodorant

DO2 Deo crystal spray

Krystal Deo Stick

Decubal Deo

Meda OTC Aluminiumklorid Roll-on

Meda OTCAluminiumklorid Sprit Deo

Meda OTC pH Neutral antiperspirant

Meda OTC pH Neutral Antiperspirant Deo-spray

PharmaCoDane ApS Dermalog Deodorant

Beiersdorf A/S Eucerin Deodorant u/p

Safetyfive Safety 5 days deo men

Safetyfive Safety 5 days deo women

L’Oréal Denmark Vichy Deo Roll-on u/p Hvid Deodorant u/parfume

L’Oréal Denmark Vichy Homme Deo Roll-on deodorant u/parfume

L’Oréal Denmark Vichy Mild Deo roll-on u/p Antiperspirant sensitive skin/hud

Make it yourself

In Danish

In English

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