Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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Allergic to a World Full of Cats? – Linda Sepp and

Cat allergy vs. MCS. As always Linda Sepp and her friends nail it. And I must say, You do not have to have MCS to have to endure this, the only thing you need is asthma. Read it and get some understanding for the problem. Please, click the link to Linda Sepp site and read the whole story.

Seriously "Sensitive" to Pollution

Warning: This post contains many photos of cats.

What follows is something I thought was a great response by Kristine Kruszelnicki  to someone who trivialized her MCS and compared it to his cat allergy

(shared with her permission, and with many photos of cats added by me):

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MCS’s have less blood flow to the brain


Like for patients having fibromyalgia, MCS patients  have altered Cerebral blood flow.

“A lower baseline flow of blood to the brain is common. When these patients are exposed to perfumes and petrochemicals, they develop further decreases in blood flow to the brain.

MCS is an acquired and progressive neurological disease induced by exposure to chemical and fragrance products.

MCS is often misinterpreted as or compared to asthma and allergies, which generally cause only temporary inconvenience and can be treated and reversed with antihistamines. In most cases, neither asthma nor allergies impacts the ability to live a relatively normal life.

However, people with MCS suffer progressive and cumulative harm, cognitive impairment, brain changes, and end organ damage with exposure to even small amounts of the seemingly innocuous chemical and fragrance substances in the air.

Those with chronic symptoms show long-term reduced blood flow to the brain and reduced ability of the brain to take up a tracer substance. This indicates a neurotoxic metabolic abnormality consistent with toxic environmental exposures to pesticides and other chemicals.”

Fibromyalgia Sweden

IE-Resource and MCS America