Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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Embarrassed over asthma… – by Annelie Molin

Just now I remembered an episode last summer. I was sick from asthma and needed to have my Optichamber with me at all times, since that was the only thing giving me relieve at the moment. A Optichamber distributes the medicine more effectively and enable it to better enter the lungs.

We were going to the mall and I had my Optichamber in my hand since I had no bag to carry it in, and it is too big to carry in a pocket. Personally I am to old, self-secure and mature to even bather to care what people around think about me carrying an inhalation chamber in my hand at the mall. Who cares? But my friend… That was a whole different matter.

He actually looked at the Optichamber, then at me and looked very embarrassed.

It amazes me what people can come up with that makes them embarrassed. A Optichamber is for giving relief from breathing problems, medicine to make and keep me healthy. An under-treated asthma or a asthma not treated, can in fact kill the person being sick. Should I not medicate to please other people? It becomes all too stupid. It is not like I have ordered for asthma on the internet in hope to get it. It is not like I have ordered for asthma for the “true joy” having to medicate everyday and have to use a Optichamber or an AeronebGo to keep my asthma away.

What is it to be embarrassed over? Embarrassed over the need to medicate? Embarrassed over that fact I do not care what people think? Or embarrassed over the Optichamber itself? Would it be less embarrassing if I would have been walking using a cain?

It is not like the use of a Optichamber is something unusual. There are 300 million people in the world who have asthma. Really many of them must use a Optichamber. Being embarrassed… How stupid is that? People with that attitude need to relax and grow up.

(This is more about the behaviour than about the specific person.)


Writing is a struggle against silence. ~ Carlos Fuentes

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Optichamber mask + AeronebGo nebulizer

A tip! If you got an Optichamber with a facemask at home you can use the mask together with your AeronebGo nebulizer. Just change the mouth piece to a thin round one and add the mask in a suitable position.


Add medicine, start the nebulizer, and put the mask to your face and inhale. It works very good!

This I have actually found out myself. :)

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At the Pulmonary Clinic. CT scan and Spirometry test – by Annelie Molin

This one is posted to enable for you to learn about CT scan of the lungs, Spirometry test and sensitivity to chemicals in the daily life.

Last 2 months I have had troublish days with my asthma. I have been using the Optichamber (1, 2) a lot and really had to overdoze the Ventoline asthma spray a lot to be anything near being able to keep my asthma down. I had The Optichamber and medicine with me everywhere for three weeks since only using my inhalor was not enough, but with less success. I think it has a bit to do with me socializing a friend who smoke indoors (even not when I visited), uses fragranced non-asthma friendly washing and cleaning agents, fabric softener and dryer at the home on top of indoor environment at my job (they clean fragranced), and all the other stuff I get subjected to from all over. It became a bit to much for my lungs. And being sick often also hits your mood a bit. Only later I could leave the Optichamber at home, but still I used to much of the Ventoline inhaler.

Even when not visiting I had bad days that became too much. And astma coughing, tightened lungs, and asthma attacks, is a struggle to live with. And I really do not like to be sick and stay home from work, and time off is much better feeling good. I try to not stay home from work, often I rather struggle a bit than staying home from work. It must be really bad for me to ask for a sick leave.

My doc was a bit sad since he felt he had done all he could for me giving me more and stronger medicine to take away the bad breathing problems I got. And when I did not get better and had asthma attacks over and over, he sent me to a specialist with the pulmonary clinic with the local hospital. Plan was to get a specialists eye on it. Good thing!!

When one have asthma one shall have so much medicine that one can live as a normal life like anyone else as possible.

My plan was to:

  • Get a asthma Ventoline Nebulizer and stronger Ventoline. This will give me possibility to stop asthma attacks in the cryb before it gets bad, and also I do not have to run to the hospital to get it but can get the medicine at home when needed.
  • Get a Jonas mask to enable sport in bad or cold weather. This mask warm the air before it hits the lungs. Cold, wet and damp air irritate the lungs and make it hard to breath.
  • Stronger allergy medicine to prevent getting sick from different stuff as perfume, washing and cleaning agents a.s.o.
  • Get breathing therapy classes for asthma.
  • A doctors note for my employer so I can get perfume free products at work to be healthy.

As always when going to the Pulmonary Clinic to do tests I am not allowed to take any medicines at all before I go there. That is a standard rule. So this day I have been off medicines since Monday (Wednesday today), a real struggle. No medicines at all, and not allowed to use any medicine to help any possible pain. This was hard. I had to stay away from all what make me sick to be able to get through til after the test, and that means use all the tricks of the trade I know of. Keep away from people (because of what people use), keep away from allergens and irritants, keep the window open at work to get fresh air in, and hold my breath when needed.

CT Scanning
You probably did not know that they use CT scanning to check asthma? Well they do!

Before I could visit the Pulmonary Clinic I had to take a CT Scan of my lungs at the hospital so the doctor could see what it lookes like in there. A rather standard procedure in such cases. It is only to see what it looks like. Luckily I did not have to use any contrast liquid since I was a bit nervous about using that, since I am sensitive to chemicals.

CT-scan of the lungs to check out the asthma.

I lay on the bed in the CT scanning machine and I had to first inhale and hold my breath while they were scanning. I first thought this is a piece of cake. But no, it was actually hard to hold my breath for so long. And then I had to exhale and hold my breath as they scanned and that was even harder. The scanning seamed like it took ages while holding my breath, when it was really no long time at all.

CT scan for asthma was new to me too. When they do this they also take a blood sample in before hand to see if the kidneys are ok. This they do in case they will have to use contrast liquid. People with kidney problems should not use contrast liquid. My kidneys are fine, but I did not have to use the contrast liquid anyway.

The Pulmonary Clinic and Sprirometry
At the Pulmonary Clinic I took a Spirometry test. And it was for this test I was not allowed to medicate before I came here.

I entered the waiting room and reception. There were people sitting with both asthma and COPD and some of them smelled strongly of tobacco smoke and other stuff. It was so bad air in there I had to leave the room and sit by myself in the hall-way. Both because I am sensitive the stuff the air was polluted with, and I was on no medicine at all, meaning I had not protection. I was coughing so hard from the bad air I was on the edge of crying, while I could feel my lungs tighten and with no big pauses. And people passing in the hall-way wearing perfumed products on themselves did not help. I even coughed when I entered the spirometry room half an hour later.

At a Spirometry test one sit in a chair and breathe in a tube connected to a machine that messures the air flow. The tube is connected to a computer and the readings is registered on the computer and shown on screen. The test is taken several times to confirm the other results. A deep inhale and a as looong and hard blow out as possible as long as one stand it, and it is done the same way every time. Messurements are calculated by the computer in graphics showing the lung capasity, and the onxygen in the blood are also messured. (Photo of the machine further down.) It is like a PEF test just more advanced. Test result was not very good and worse than the last time when I did the Mannitol test and the Metacholin test, only just above the bottom limit.

I took some photos from the spirometry room.

Sprimetry room and Ventoline Nebulizer. Demonstration photo (it was no medicine in it at the time).

I had not taken any athma medicines since Monday and it is Wednesday today. I was coughing very hard from just about anything around. The smallest doze of chems in the air made me have breathing problems and blowing in the tube was a struggle.

After the test I met the pulmonary specialist and he viewed the results and concluded with that my asthma was worse today than the last time I were there. We had a good talk and he really knew what I was talking about. I told him all of my problems with chemicals in the day everywhere, and he conluded with that I got very sensitive lungs. Thanks, I felt good hearing it from someone confirming what I felt. One need that, to hear it from someone who knows, and is a doc. It feels good. Comforting.

I was also granted all my wishes and got a Ventoline Nebulizer to take home with me (see pic above). This does the same job as the Nebulizer at the hospital that I normally use, only this one is my very own even if it is for lending from the hospital. It feels really nice to have one of my own now. If I get sick I do not have to rush to the hospital and pay a lot of money to see the doctor. I can fix it myself in my own living room, or at work! SWELL!!!! This means I save money, I save time, and I save myself from being sick. Could not be better!

The photo above show the nebulizer i got, and also a demonstration photo of me holding it (it was no medicine in it at the time).

And the doctor did not change the medicines I got now since he said I had about what I could get, and any other sort was about the same as I got today. Changing from the ones I got today would not make any difference. The only change is that he said I could try do double the allergy pill for a month and take two, to see if it make any difference, and I got the nebulizer and stronger Ventoline.

I bet this will do the trick! (But I still must stay away from what makes me sick to avoid using to much medicine.)

My very own Nebulizer, it will be much better now!!!

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How to make best use of your asthma medicine? – by Annelie Molin

(Scroll down for English)

Hvordan å få best nytte av astmamedisinen?

Hvordan går jeg fram for å få best nytte av min astmamedisinering? Det er sikkert et spørsmål du har stilt om du har astma, eller du har nærstående, eller venner som har astma.

Du må ta medisinen hver dag innen tidsintervallene for medisinen og holde deg unna alt som gjør deg sjuk.

For eksempel Symbicort som fremst er en forebyggende medisin har en varighet på ca 12 timer, så da bør du ta neste dose av medisinen før tolv timer er gådd. Altså etter 11,5-12 timer. Ventoline er en akuttmedisin først og fremst og brukes for å bekjempe akutte besværer. Ventoline har en varighet på ca 2 timer, men i dårlige perioder kan man være avhengig av å bruke mere av det også innenfor de 2 timene. Der er også andre merker forebyggende medisin og akuttmedisin.

NB! Noen medisiner innholder melkprodukter så har du allergi mot melk og melkproteiner da bør du sjekke nøye slik at du ikke få en slik innhalator eller tabletter med dette innhold. (Jeg har ikke dette problem selv, men jeg vet at andre sliter med det.)

Er du i en situasjon der din forebyggende medisin (f.eks. Symbicort eller annen sort medisin) ikke klarer å holde din astma i sjakk? Du tar medisinene dine og du opplever at du likevel får astmaplager i hytt og pine og det hjelper heller ikke å ta Ventoline rett ut av innhalatoren? Da skal du be legen din om sterkere medisiner og du skal søke om å få hjelpemidler til din inhalator. Om du har en dårlig periode da kan det skje at dine anfaller gjør at du har vanskelig å trekke inn puffen fra en vanlig inhalator, det er der et inhalasjonskammer kommer til nytte. Da du tar et puff fra en inhalator da får du en konsentrert dose som du må raskt inhalere, dette kan vanskeliggjøres av at du har vanskelig å puste. Da risikerer du at akuttmedisinen stopper i munnen og ikke når lungene. Met et inhalasjonskammer vil du kunne inhalere medisinen over lengre periode og mer rolig.

Ta det rolig, der er hjelp å få…

Da kan du skaffe deg en Optichamber til din akuttmedisin inhalator. Optichamber er et innhalasjonskammer som hjelper på å dosere Ventoline og annen akuttmedisin bedre slik at det fordampes før det kommer ned i lungene. Et annet alternativ er en inhalasjonsmaskin, for eksempel AeronebGo.

AeronebGo kan du også bruke sammen med Optichamber maske.

Inhalor used together with a inhalation chamber. One press the medicin gas container in the end and then breathe through the mask. This one is most often used when the person is very ill. This photo was taken in May of 2009. I was very ill and this is not only a demonstration.

Dette bilde er ingen demonstrasjon, bildet er tatt mens jeg har et astmaanfall i mai 2009 som var årsaket av stress pga hva en person gjorde mot meg. Bilde er tatt mens jeg har et astmaanfall.

Personlig kjenner jeg at jeg i perioder har stor hjelp av å bruke et Optichamber. Jeg har hatt mitt Optichamber siden 2008.

Alternativet til å bruke et Optichamber er gjerne å måtte dra til sjukehuset for å få hjelp. Dette er ofte kostbart, tar masse tid og kan oppleves slitsomt. Da er Optichamber et godt alternativ. Det man må notere seg er at ibland om plagene er store nokk er ikke Optichamber nokk det heller, og da må man til legen.

I en slik situasjon der du har tatt dine forebyggende medisiner på ordentlig måte, men du har en dårlig periode og du kjenner at du mår dårlig hele tiden, du får astmaanfaller og prøver alt du kan for å dempe anfallene. Da bruker du Optichamber.

Det er viktig å huske at forebyggende medisiner er nettopp forebyggende, og de er ikke laget for å bryte ned et astmaanfall. Til tross for dette har noen av de forebyggende medisinene noen akuttegenskaper likevel, så du kan prøve å bruke litt av din forebyggende medisin etter at du har tatt din akuttmedisin.

Hvordan å gå fram?

Er plagene små og du kjenner at det hjelper å bare ta Ventoline rett fra innhalatoren så hold deg til det.

Er plagene verre og du kjenner at innhalatoren ikke hjelper da rister innhalatoren som vanlig og så kobler du innhalatoren til et Optichamber (se bild herover). Trykk 2-3 ganger på innhalatoren og sett masken over nese og munnen. Innhalere en gang og hold pusten 10 sekund, så slipper du ut luften. Vent 1-2 minutt om du har mulighet. Innhalere slik en gang til tils kammeret er tomt for medisin (du tømmer et kammer på ca 2-5 innhalasjoner). Gjenta dette om du behøver.

Når du har slike dårlige perioder og nettopp har hatt et astmaanfall som ikke har gått helt over men er på god vei å gå over, da skal du ikke ta din forebyggende medisin uten å ha innhalert akuttmedisin først. Akuttmedisinen åpner dine luftveier og gjør det lettere for din forebyggende medisin å komme ned i lungene. Ta da ditt Optichamber og dosere din Ventoline (eller annen sort du bruker) og innhalere akuttmedisinen, deretter tar du din dose med forebyggende medisiner. Slik som dette går du også fram i dårlige perioder når du skal ta dine forebyggende medisiner morgen og kveld. Ta først ditt Optichamber med akuttmedisin og så tar du forebyggende medisin etterpå. Da løser du det akutte problemet først og har bedre nytte av din forebyggende medisin.

Noe som er viktig å merke seg er at du skal holde pusten noen sekunder mellom hver innhalasjon og vente noe lite minutt mellom hver innhalasjon for å la medisinen virke. Fordelen med dette er at da kjenner du om medisinen fungerer og du unngår også å overdosere. Overdosering gir bivirkninger som økt hjerterytme, skjelvinger, og munntørrhet f.eks, som ikke er bra for kroppen.

Hvis ikke noe av dette hjelper da drar du rett til legevakta. Har du veldig vanskelig astma da kan du søke om å få en AeronebGo med legen. AeronebGo foreskrives med lungepoliklinikken.

Jeg vil gjerne dele mine erfaringer og kunnskaper da jeg av erfaring vet at leger gjerne er litt dårlige til å informere om slik som dette. I bland har de ganske enkelt ikke pejlig selv virker det som og vet ikke fram og bak på det de foreskriver, eller de viser prov på initiativløshet og gir ikke informasjon. Du kan oppleve å få diagnose, bli sendt hjem, og får klare deg aleine. Dette til tross for at du ikke har peiling på hva skjer nå? Du kjenner deg rådvill, redd og hjelpesløs. Hjelp til selvhjelp er derfor nødvendig. Så jeg håper du har glede av dette tipset jeg har samlet på meg den harde veien gjennom 5 år.

På siden her finner du mere om astma. Bare søk i menyen. :)

Ha en fin dag. / Annelie

Optichamber på nett:

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In English

How to make best use of asthma medication?

What is the procedure to get the best use of your asthma medication? It’s probably a question you have asked if you have asthma or have relatives or friends who have asthma.

You need to take your prescribed medicine every day by the time intervals for medicine and keep away from what make you ill. For example, Symbicort is above all a preventive medicine for a period of about 12 hours, then you should take the next dose of medicine before the ending of twelve hours. So after 11,5-12 hours. Ventoline and similar medicine is an emergency medicine primarily and is used to combat acute episodes of asthma, that is when you get sudden coughs and breathing issues. Ventoline has a duration of about 2 hours, but in bad times, one may be necessary to use more of it even within the 2 hours. There are also other brands of preventive medicine and emergency medicine.

Note! Some asthma medicin hold milk products and protein. If you are allergic / sensitive to milk you should see to getting a innhaler or tablets that are milk free. (I do not have this problem, but I know others have it.)

Are you in a situation where your preventive medicine (for example Symbicort or other brand) fail to keep your asthma in check? You take your medicine and you feel that you still get asthma and random pain and it helps not to take Ventoline or other emergency inhaler straight out of the inhaler? You should ask your doctor to get stronger preventive medicines, that is number one. Then you should also get stronger acute asthma inhalers, and also use either a Optichamber (or other brand) or AeronebGo or similar inhaling device. AeronebGo can also be used combined with the Optichamber mask.

If you have a bad period then it may happen that your attacks makes you have difficulty to draw in puffs from an ordinary inhaler, and you will not be able to benefit from your medicine, that’s where a spacing device like a Optichamber or similar comes in handy. When you take a puff from an inhaler then you get a concentrated dose that you need to quickly inhale, this can be hard to do when you have difficult breathing. This can cause the cute asthma medication to end in your mouth and not reaching your lungs. Using a inhalation chamber device you will be able to inhale the medicine over a longer period, more natura, and more calmly.

Take it easy, there is help…

To get better use of you acute medicine inhalation you will need a Optichamber or similar product. Optichamber is a inhalation chamber that helps to dispense Ventoline and other emergency medicine better so that it evaporates before it reaches the lungs, it makes the medicine reach the lungs in a more natural inhale and it is easier to inhale the medicine. This is an inhalor used together with an inhalation chamber. Shake you inhaler and mount it to the Optichamber. then make one pressure to make the medicine gas enter the container and simply breathe through the mask. This one is most often used when the person is more ill.

Inhalor used together with a inhalation chamber. One press the medicin gas container in the end and then breathe through the mask. This one is most often used when the person is very ill. This photo was taken in May of 2009. I was very ill and this is not only a demonstration.

This photo was taken in May of 2009. I was very ill du to stress caused by a person and this is not only a demonstration.

Personally I feel that at times it is very useful to use an Optichamber. The alternative to using a Optichamber tend to have to go to the hospital for help, this is often expensive, takes time and can be experienced tiring. Then Optichamber is a good option.

What one must note is that at times when the problems are big enough Optichamber are not enough either, and then you have to go to the doctor, or even the emergency room.

In a situation where you take your preventive medications properly, but you have a bad period and you know that you struck bad in asthma all the time, you get asthma attacks and try everything you can to curb the attacks, this is the time for you to use the Optichamber. It is important to remember that preventive medicine is just preventive, and they are not designed to break down an asthma attack. Despite this, some of the preventative medications got some acute features anyway, so you can try using some of your preventive medicine after you have taken your rescue medicine.

How to proceed?

Is asthma problems small and you know that it helps to just take Ventoline straight from the inhaler, then stick to it.

Are symptoms worse and you feel the inhaler does not help, then shake the inhaler as usual and then connect the inhaler to an inhaler Optichamber (see the photo above here). Press the inhaler 2-3 times and put the mask over the nose and mouth. Inhale deep and hold your breath for 10 seconds, then release the air. Wait 1-2 minutes if you can. Inhale in the same manner again til the chamber is empty of medicine (emptying a chamber of about 2-5 inhalations). Repeat if you need to.

When you have such bad periods and have just had an asthma attack that has not gone completely over but is well on the way to go over, you shall not take your preventive medication without inhaled rescue medication first. Take your Optichamber and dose your Ventoline (or other sort acute medicine you use), and inhale emergency medicine, then you take your dose of preventive medication.

As this is also presented in bad times when you should take your preventive medication morning and night. First take acute medicine using the Optichamber and then you take the preventive medicine afterwards. Do this every morning and night when you take your preventive medication when you have a bad period or feel it is hard to breathe. Then you solve the urgent problem first and can make better use of your preventive medicine. Doing it like this solve breathing issues since acute medicine opens the airways in the lungs Bronchi and Bronchiole, and makes it easier for the preventive inhaler to reach the lungs airways.

Something that is important to note is that you hold your breath for a few seconds between each inhalation and wait a little minute between each inhalation to allow the medicine to work. The advantage is that then you know whether the medicine works and also to avoid overdosing. Overdose gives side effects like increased heart rate, trembeling, and dry mouth for example, which is not good for the body.

If none of this helps then go straight to the emergency room. If you have a really bad and troublesome asthma you can apply for a AeronebGo with your doctor. AeronebGo is prescribed with the lung clinic. You may need a referral to get a AeronebGo

I write here because I’d like to share my experiences and knowledge as I know from experience that some doctors tend to be a little reluctant to inform about such as this. At times, they simply do not have a good clue themselves, and do not know even forward and back in what they prescribe, or they simply show lack of interest. You can experience being sent home with a medication, no information, left to your self. You feel wondering, lost, afraid. What now? Self-empowering is therefore necessary. So I hope you enjoy this tip I have collected the hard way through experiences through 5 years.

On this site you will find more about asthma. Just search in the menu. :)

Have a nice day. / Annelie

Optichamber online:

Hva er astma? What is Asthma?
Asthma – What is?
Educational image on asthma
Asthma treatment – PEF, Peak flow, Optichamber, asthma medicine
Optichamber mask + AeronebGo nebulizer
Optichamber Inhalation chamber and how to make best use of your medicine


If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it.
~ Tennessee Williams

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Asthma treatment – PEF, Peak flow, Optichamber, asthma medicine

So what to do about it?

Having a cold and a cough that seems to never stop? It might not be a cold as you think, it might be asthma. If you cough and cough without stop over a long period of time you should call your doctor and ask them to make a spirometry test on you. Then they measure how well your lungs work when inhaling and exhaling.

PEF – Peak Flow meter

A portable PEF Peak Flow meter can look like this:

Peak Flow Messurement

This is an instrument used for measuring the airflow. You hold the handle and blow in the front. You get the results at the left side. Here I blow 350 as you see to the left, and the right side shows the normal value for a healthy person.

At the doctor’s office or the hospital they probably have another kind of PEF. A machine you blow into that measures your lung capacity using a computer to take up the measuring.

Measuring is often done over time so that it is possible to see if it is something that is asthma or just a temporary thing. If you work it is wise to check both at home and at work. Then you run two separate test on two separate sheet. This is wise since you then are able to check if the asthma is work related. How to use PEF?

The doctor also checks for allergies in addition to asthma.

If your doctor concludes with that you have asthma then you are put on medication. The modern asthma treatment is made with different possibilities. There are allergy pills, pills for relaxing the bronchi and inhalers used for asthma to reduce inflammation of the bronchi and relieve the cramping muscles round the bronchi.

Asthma can be controlled or managed by using anti-inflammatory medication and making some small or bigger changes to your lifestyle.

The inhaler is a life saver. You should always carry it with you and use it as soon as you feel any wrong in your lungs and breathing. If you get an asthma attack and do not have your medicine you might face getting VERY sick. You might become so sick that you in fact in the long run risk to die. If the lungs stop functioning and can not take up oxygen then the internal organs and the brain get no oxygen and then you can die. How long this take can vary from person to person and how severe kind of asthma you got and how severe kind of a attack you got.

Optichamber – inhalation chamber

Asthma treatment for acute care. The inhalers come with a holder and a gas container. You put the piece in your mouth and press the top of the gas container. It can also be used with a inhalation chamber (foto of Optichamber) as shown in the image. Note that asthma medicine got an expiration date. Do not use old medicine.

An inhaler is asthma medication stored in a container, and when using it then it is administered through the nebulizer in mist-form.

An asthma inhaler can be used with an inhalation chamber as shown below:

An inhaler used together with a inhalation chamber. One press the medicine gas container in the end and then breathe through the mask. This one is mostly used when the person is very ill. This photo was taken in May of 2009. I was very ill and this is not only a demonstration.

The muscles located in the bronchial tubes are constricted during an asthma attack, making it harder for the patient to inhale and exhale air. When using an inhaler you get relaxation of those bronchial muscles allowing air to flow freely through an airway. Some of the medicines also calm the inflammation in the bronchi.

Nebulizer with the hospital

Sometimes the asthma attack get so bad that your own personal inhaler is not enough to give relaxation from the illness. In such cases one must go to the hospital to get more assistans. Such times they measure the amount of oxygenated hemoglobin using finger pulse oximeters. And you get to breathe medicine through a mask from a machine.

This is the machine with our hospital. This kind of machine give you medicine while having an acute asthma attack. This is for the worse case scenario. This photo is taken in 2009 and is an actual ongoing asthma attack.

Home nebulizers

There are nebulizers for home use, even portable ones.


AeronebGo nebulizer

Read more about AeronebGo

Maintain health

What more is important is to eat good and healthy and sleep well. You may experience getting worse in your asthma when you get psychologically / emotional stressed, stress, have not eaten or are tired. Having trouble breathing can in fact make you have problems sleeping well, so taking your medicines is not only important to stagger the asthma, but also to make you sleep easier. It is important to have peace in your life, eat, sleep, and stay away from make you sick. It is also good to do some exercise. You do not need to run a marathon, but walking, bi-cycling and doing normal stuff is great for your health.


Some medicines are required to be inhaled, while others are taken as a pil or intravenously. It is of most importance that asthma patients utilize all asthma drugs precisely to medical directions.

There are many kinds of medicines for asthma. Shown below are only some examples. It may vary with what country you live in. Most treatment are similar though, inhalers and pills are used all over the world but the names can be different.

Here are some examples:

Examples of asthma medicines all over the world. Never use asthma medicine that is not given you by a doctor.

There are differences between gas inhalers and turbuhalers. There are three kinds of inhalers.

  • gas form – used to fight a sudden attack
  • pulver – used to long-term treat asthma, often also treats the inflammation.
  • pulver – a mix function between gas form and long-term treatment. This one both fight a sudden attack and to preclude.

Then there are also

  • pills
  • liquid asthma medicine
  • shots
  • cortisone
  • intravenously

There may be more..

If you are unable to get relief by using asthma medicine or the symptoms worsen, do seek emergency medical attention as soon as possible.

Hope this was helpful to you. :)

Take care!

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