Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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Sick from scented products – Annelie

I had a small article in the Allers Magazine, a woman Magazine. Please, scroll Down for English translation.


Jeg har til nå aldri nektet noen å reise, det betyr ikke at jeg ikke har slitt, men jeg har forsøkt å løse det på annen måte: åpent vindu hele året uansett vær, holde pusten når noen har noe på seg som jeg blir dårlig av og billettere lynraskt slik at de kan sette seg, og ta medisiner. Det er en lite heldig situasjon og mange synes kanskje at jeg ikke burde jobbe. Men jeg nekter å være ufør, jeg nekter å gi opp.  En annen jobb kunne være like ille fordi der er parfymerte mennesker overalt i samfunnet, og alle som tar bussen kommer på butikker og på kontor. Jobb i støvete lokaler går heller ikke. Det er lett å mene ting om ting man ikke vet noe om, og det er mange steder som ikke er egnet å arbeide når man har det slik som meg, jeg må bare gjøre det beste jeg kan av situasjonen.

Many become sick from scented products and fragrance.

Sick by fragrance and scent

“I am a bus driver and I get sick from all kinds of use of fragrance and scented Products, and Chemicals. If someone comes in the bus using fragrance or aftershave I have to open all doors and Windows to air it out, and then take medicines.  If the odor is strong enough it happens I can not help the customer. Someone says “It is only to change line of occupation!” but it actually have not mening at all what I do for a living since fragrance are all over in the world. Everywhere in society there are People who have to SCREAM their precense using fragrance and Chemical Products. There is something wrong going around when People have to become sick from others vanity.
Another thing again is the scenting of indoor air. Scent is added to the air by scented cleaning and washing agents, scented candles, inscense, a.s. often used in shops, malls, restaurants and so on. Imagine you want to go out With friends, and you arrive to a Place where everyone else but you can enter. A restaurant visit can be ruined by scented air, and scented air at the toilets. Since the air is scented you can not use the room or the toilet. And at a road trip you can not use the bathroom at the gasoline station since there is mounted a fragrance pump or other scent Device in the toilet room.  To get ill from this is not a joke.
Today there are both unscented Products for clothes and fabrics, house and buildings, body and hair, so why not use it?
I will give you some fresh numbers from WHO. The numbers show that 30 million People in Europe struggle With asthma! That is something for you to think about before you add fragrance to Your person and by doing this destroys the environment for all of those who are sensitive.”

Until now I have never refused anyone to travel, it does not mean I have not suffered, but I have tried to solve it in another way: the window open all year round whatever the weather, hold my breath when someone has anything on themselves that I get sick from and sell tickets like in lightning speed so they can leave and take a seat, and take lots of medication. It’s an unfortunate situation and many may think that I should not work. But I refuse to be home on disability, I refuse to give up. Another job could be as bad because there are perfumed people everywhere in society, and anyone who takes the bus arrives at stores and offices. Jobs in dusty space is not possible. It is easy to believe things about things you know nothing about and there are many places that are not likely to work when you have it like me, I just do the best you can.

Have a Nice day! Go Fragrance Free!

/ Annelie

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Scent light and airfresheners can give you cancer

Scent light can give you cancer

Think twice the next time you light a scented candle or spray some forest scent in your (smoky) lounge .

For me Scent lights have the effect on my breathing like you suck the air out of the room. If I sit in a room where is lid scent lights my lungs Closes up and I slowly suffocate. In addition to this effect you have maybe never thought of one can read With the newspaper Aftonbladet and EU that:

“Fragrance may be toxic.

Many air fresheners contain carcinogens.

cozy – but dangerous Scent Candles spreads pleasant smell but they can cause cancer. 

The EU consumer body BEUC who have tested 76 air fresheners , ie light , sprays and others with more or less fragrant products designed to make the air more pleasant to breathe – or simply hide an odor.

And many of the products tested were found to contain a variety of known toxins , BEUC writes in a press release.

Here are some of the toxins they found :

 Acetaldehyde . A carcinogen . Causes nausea and vomiting. The threshold value is set to 45 milligrams per cubic meter of air .

 formaldehyde. The carcinogen formaldehyde is highly irritating to mucous membranes and may cause hypersensitivity reactions. The products tested emitted more than WHO’s recommended limit of 10 grams per cubic meter.

 Styrén . Is the damage to the central nervous system, damage is usually described as a solvent damage.

 benzene. Is highly carcinogenic and its use in gasoline , paints, lacquers and solvents have been limited . In chronic exposure to benzene can give bone marrow damage and leukemia. The threshold value is 1.5 milligrams per cubic meter of air .

The preparations were also a number of other known allergens . Now requires BEUC to fragrance products shall bear warnings in case they contain hazardous substances.”

Read the Swedish article at