Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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Elev sjuk av parfymer

Elev sjuk av parfymer 

“Elev sjuk av parfymer og kan ikke lenger gå i skolen.

En ungdomsskoleelev i Kristinehamn i Sverige er hjemme fra skolen siden en måned tilbake på grunn av sin sensitivitet mot parfyme i miljøet. Foreldrene har anmeldt Djurgårdsskolen til Skolinspektionenen.

Ifølge moren fungerte samarbeidet med skolen ganske bra på de øvre trinnene på barneskolen og det var en parfymepolicy. Da dattern skulle begynne på ungdomsskolen på Djurgårdsskolen i Kristinehamn sist høst fungerte det ikke like godt og siden begynnelsen av november er ikke jenta i skolen.

Hun ble verre

I starten var det ganske bra og skolen gikk ut med informasjon. Jenta får blir meget sjuk av å bli utsatt for parfymer, bl.a. får hun hodepine, blir trøtt og slapp, og får hudbesvær. Parfymer finns i alt fra tøymykner, deodranter til sjampo m.m.

– Det er slitsomt, det kjennes ut som om de voksne ikke lytter. Jeg vil ikke gå tilbake til skolen før det er parfymefritt, sier jenta.

Familien sier i anmeldelsen at skolen har visst om jentas helse og behov gjennom alle år og at det likevel ikke fungerer.

– Vi har hatt forberedende samtaler og likevel er miljøet de tilbyr langt fra parfymefri. Hun kjenner et press fra skoleledelsen om å gå til skolen, til tross for at skolemiljøet gjør henne sjuk, sier moren.


Vi opplever at der er en ukunnskap og at de legger på helle (eleven) å bite sammen og tåle tilstandene som de er, men det handler om mer enn bare litt kløe i halsen, sier moren.

Skolinspektionen, Sverige, skal utrede elevens rett til støtte og utdannelsen.”

Kilde: N W T 

Mennesker som har ansvar på skoler og arbeidsplasser, og andre steder hvor mennesker oppholder seg må anstrenge seg mer for å tilrettelegge slik at alle som ikke tåler parfyme slipper å slite med helsen. Å være stadig utsatt for parfyme er å være stadig sjuk, og for den som ikke har opplevd det selv kan det vel nermest samnenlignes med å ha bronkitt, hodepine, kraftig forkjølelse, eller utmattet hele året. Hvordan ville det vært? Tenk litt på det før du krever av andre å være sjuke fordi det er så vanskelig å bry seg.

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Sensitive to fragrance – Bea had enough! –

This is about Bea that goes to school and she have both asthma, allergies and MCS and struggle with lack of understanding, lack of consideration, lack of caring and use of fragrance. Read her story:


Bea has had enough!

“A call comes in to us here at Young Allergy sufferers during last week. It is one of our members is calling, Bea is her name. Exhausted and distraught, turns Bea to us. She suffers from fragrance hypersensitivity and even though Bea has had a serious attack at school, they refuse to ban perfume. Continue reading

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Sensitive to fragrance – Ailo Spjellok –

Scent sensitive – Hyperreactive

Ailo’s story

Research suggests thatone-third of us feel any kind of discomfort due to strong scents. If you are an adult, you can change seats on the bus if you’re sitting next to someone with a strong scent on, but what does a child exposed to what can give an allergic reaction do?

Ailo is ten years and received the diagnosis of non- allergic asthma when he was just under two years. Something that he reacts strongly to the scents; it can be about flowers, smoke, or fragranced products. It works fine at school so far, says mom Anneli, well aware that children ten years old are not yet any large consumers of scented products, but that it’ll be harder to come. The school has taken the issue seriously. It has been informed of Ailos sensitivity to smells and everyone takes this into account. There is another boy in the class having allergies, and this in turn helps to discussing the issue about allergies more and get a better understanding of those who are afflicted. Sometimes it can happen that Ailo get exposed to scented Products at school. One such opportunity that can happen is related to gymnastics lessons. It may have been someone from the upper classes who have been wearing something strong-smelling in the locker room. But it is clear that even Ailo want to make themselves beautiful. Above all it is cool hairstyles that apply. Now we have found a kind of hair wax without fragrance that works well. Previously tested Ailo a hairspray that did not work at all. The scent becomes very concentrated in a product that you spray on them. Some time ago there was a house that was on fire and the smoke was blowing straight towards Ailos and Anneli’s home. Though it was a kilometer away got Ailo a strong asthma reaction. Smoke seems to be something that Ailo react strongly against. We were with a relative and a man there had a motorcycle that the guys thought was cool. When he started it and gassed in the yard got Ailo again an asthma attack sensing of exhaust smoke. With proper medication cope Ailo still pretty good. It is clear that in cold periods may be necessary to increase the dose of medication something. I’m glad that so many shows take into account Ailos asthma and sensitivity to scents, concludes the mother.

And again I can only agree With this kids story, it is like that and I wish all would take this in account and stop wearing perfume and fragranced Products. Did you know there are about 300 million People having asthma in theh world? If you stop using fragrance Products you will ease the life of many. And really, this is just what it is like. Thank you Anneli Spjellok and Ailo for sharing Your story.

You who have followed my site for a while know I collect stories from real live experiences With this problem. Ailo’s story I found at:

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Sensitive to fragrance – Angelica Holmberg –

Scent sensitive – Hyperreactive

Angelica’s story

Research suggests thatone-third of us feel any kind of discomfort due to strong scents. If you are an adult, you can change seats on the bus if you’re sitting next to someone with a strong scent on, but what does a child exposed to what can give an allergic reaction do?

Angelica was diagnosed with asthma as early as age two, but probably had it a lot longer than that. She has had effort asthma and reacted to animals. Scent sensitive, she has become only recently.

If you know a girl in high school age, so we know it’s often makeup and perfumes that apply. There are special series just for teenage girls, marketed aggressively towards the younger audience. Fragrances from Victoria’s Secret is on many of the younger girls’ wish list and teen idol Justin Bieber has already managed to launch three different perfume series.

Angelica is thirteen years old (2014) and going to high school and of course so are the girls even in her class interested in perfumes. But if Angelica is subjected to strong perfume smells, she gets hard to breathe and have to medicate. Or medicate, yes, she have to medicate all the time to keep their asthma under control, but a perfume can make sure she gets a severe attack that, at worst, ending with an ambulance ride to the hospital emergency room, telling her mother Jenny Holmberg.

We have informed the school about Angelica’s fragrance sensitization and asthma, and some have those responsible at the school listened and acted. It has banned the use of perfumes, but this has to do with strong forces. The marketing of perfumes is massive and what teenage girl does not want to smell good? – I’ve been to school and had with me material from the Asthma and Allergy Association, and to show how it works with asthma and fragrance intolerance. received testing to breathe through a straw and they all understands that it is not easy, says Jenny.

It usually works better in the middle of the semester when you ‘ve had time to inform of perfume ban. At the end of the semester and at the beginning of a new semester , it seems sometimes as if you ‘ve forgotten what was said about allergies. It needed just a student who is wearing perfume or have used any product that has been heavily perfumed. If any student has had on perfume so you speak with the student, it does not help that as we talk with the parents. Some additional levers have not been taken to. I heard about another school where there was a smell hypersensitive pupil who had become sprauyed with perfume as punishment for the school had sent home a student with perfume on it, says Jenny.

One can still say that the school is trying to help Angelica in many ways, they ‘ve looked over the school environment and ensured that the ventilation works well. There is also a plan for what to do if Angelica gets sick at school. Despite this, she medicate every day to be able to be in school, sometimes the medicines does not help and she must go home, sometimes we go and inhale at the health center, says Jenny.”

And really, this is just what it is like. Thank  you Jenny Homberg and Angelica for sharing Your story.

You who have followed my site for a while know I collect stories from real live experiences With this problem. Angelica’s story I found at:


Boy died from asthma attack – Ryan Gibbons –

A boy Ryan Gibbons was not allowed to carry his inhalor With him at School and died from a asthma attack.

“Sandra Gibbons knew something needed to change when her son Ryan, 12, died after an asthma attack at his school in Straffordville last year (2012).

Ryan wasn’t allowed to carry his inhaler with him at school, Gibbons said. So she started a petition to require school boards to adopt standardized asthma plans.

Gibbons’ petition garnered more than 1,500 signatures. The bill passed second reading with all-party support at Queen’s Park this week. The government has an obligation to ensure that (when) kids are at school that they have the safest environment possible.

It would also allow asthmatic students to carry a reliever inhaler at all times, with a doctor’s approval.

“There will be, of course, discretion,” Yurek said. “You’re not going to have a four-year-old carrying around their own puffer.”

Asthma is well known to be a Deadly disease if not treated properly with medicine and avoiding what makes the person ill. It is a shame that the School and People in generally do not respect it as such. Here a boy died from other Peoples ignoranse and overruling a persons needs.
And why a four year old can not carry his own puffer to use whenever the kid needs it is for me not understandable. I have asthma myself and I know that sometimes you do not have the possibility to run all over a School yard to get the teacher to get Your medicine, you must have it there and then, not later. Asthma medicine should be taken at once one feel a problem evolving, not wait 10 minitues to half an hour or more. The puffer is a life saviour and should be handled as such and carried With oneself eat all times. It should not even be a matter of questioning it.

I get upset, sad, angry and a lot more and tears are coming. I have a question for all wanting to deny a person having asthma their puffer:

– Would you deny a heart patient to wear his heart medicine?

It should be a human right to have ones medicine at hand at all times.

We have sertant organs that is crusual for living: heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, stomach, brain a.s.o. Without those organs functioning we are no more. Medicine helps the organ function so if you deny the person having or using their medicine they die.

Rest in Peace Ryan

Read the Whole story: