Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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Fragrance Free intime zone

Your sex should be Fragrance Free!

PicBadge-No-FragranceAlready in the 1980’s we learned that fragrance have nothting to do in Your private parts! Fragrance was already back then known to be be the cause of rashes, eczema, allergies, infection and more. It was all over in the biggest newspapers and Magazines. And now in 2014 we know by Research that fragrance holds Chemicals that is also hormone disrupters, it damage sperm, is cause of cancer, Chemicals is transported from the mom to the unborn child and it impact the Health of the child, in addition to the old knowledge. Still when one browse the shelfs in the stores today one find almost nothing but fragrance Products for intime use.

  • Fragrance soap for Your sex
  • Fragrance shower soap / cream / gel
  • tampons containing fragrance
  • sanitary pads containing fragrance
  • fragrance in underwear fabric (or any fabric at all)
  • Products used for sex, like sex toys, underwear, lubricants and more
  • hair removal Products (shaving foam, wax, and such)
  • after shave
  • skin lotion

Are You lured by marketing powers?

In the intimate parts of the body there is a lot of sweat glands and the importance of good genital hygiene. Wash With a soap that is well suited for Your genitals. If you use strong soaps and soaps with perfume it can actually disrupt the natural balance of the region and there may be more odor.” by a Health care worker at

This is really knowledge since many, many years. Do not be lured by the markerting of fragrance Products for You.

To all of You Readers. Do not use Fragrance in Your private parts (rather not at all)! All of You who produce such Products should care about Your customers and cut it out! And if You have a store,  do not sell the Products holding fragrance!

Take a stand! CARE! Take a stand for Health!

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Go Fragrance free – Awareness

If we say care about others. Go Fragrance Free! Are you one of those who say – Can’t I wash myself, my clothes, use deodorant, style my hair, clean my home, wash up, shave, do my makeup, lotion and so on any more? Must I smell of sweat?

The answer is – No, you must not.

All of these products are fragrance free. Actually from my own cabinet. All one need.


Barber foam, make up, hair styling, soap, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, lotions, lip balm, lip stick, face wash, mace up remover wipes, make up remover, toothpaste, sun lotion, sun block, antiseptic wipes, stain remover, detergents, fabric softener, wool and silk detergents, floor cleaning, universal cleaning spray for all surfaces, dishwashing liquid, dishwasher tablets. A little dishwashing liquid in water is good for cleaning all surfaces, wc, shower, bath tub, floors, walls, ceiling, doors, including mirrors and windows. About everything.

On top of it a Norwegian test panel with NRK made a test on what killed the most bacteria. They tested many common household sprays, and dishwashing liquid. And guess what won? The dishwashing liquid.

And for men it is better to use lotion for the face and neck after shaving than use aftershave because it is too harsh to the skin, lotion takes care of the skin.

Keep clean, Go Fragrance Free!

Thank you for your time and interest. Please, share this post to increase people’s awareness!

Also feel Welcome to Fresh air for all Environmental Inhibition An indoor environment case

What is your tip for fragrance free products? What do you use? Please, leave a comment.

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Tested: Coop Änglamark Dusj – Whitelisted

This is a shower gel from Coop Änglamark. It is fragrance free, color free and free from preservatives. It holds vegetable Glycerine. I had no problem using this product, and I also know a person having MCS who uses these products. This product is marked with the Swan, it means it is environmentally friendly. Coop Änglamark Dusj (shower) is whitelisted.




About the test
This is a pure inhale test of the products. I test the products on my self. This is a real life asthma product suitability test done at home in real life settings. I am my own guinea pig. Whitelisted products should be safe for you to use. But as with all sensitivities some are more sensitive than others, always try new products with care. Make the first time trying it gently, if you got a skin condition try it on a small area, and washing agents on a hidden area or a cloth you can afford to waste.

My lungs are very picky when it comes to hygiene products, beauty products, hair products, washing and cleaning products and so on. Products not meeting the standards of no asthma reaction are blacklisted.

Please, buy such items whitelisted as gifts for friends and family. They are designed and made for a better personal health and are more environmentally beneficial than the fragrances ones. Use them yourself, care about your fellow-man. Do not make other people sick with your fragrance presence.

I was not paid to try this product out.

If you try this product your self, please leave a comment in the commentary field below.

Thank you