Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.


MCS sufferer killed himself –

Suicide, housebound, fragrance, smoke and chemicals

MCS sufferer sensitive to fragrance, smoke and other chemicals committed suicide by shooting himself.

This might be a posting a bit hard to chew, since it is a harsh reality posting. Being allergic and sensitive to fragrance can make you disabled. Those struggling the worst can not be among people and have to be housebound Continue reading

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Stop Bullying!

Stop being a Bully!

spiteful Hard Words, hate speach, mocking around, pushing, threatening, lying about someone, spreading rumors, messing With someones Things and life, abuse and so on hurt other People. Some get really depressed, have to go on sick leave, can’t work or go to School, and some even kill themselves.

I have myself experienced being bullied, both at School and at work. People spreading rumors, lying, making hate speach, and are being cruel. They do their best being awful. And if being hurtful is what You aimed, you succeded. But You have not won. What you succeded doing was make a mess in my life, and in addition to that You succeded being disliked.

Words and bad behaviour can be sharper than a knife. What You do have a impact and have a consequens for others. It can also hurt the relationship between other People. Sometimes the Third party get hurt and the relation between the person hurt and the Third party.

badeball Sometimes I Wonder what kind of brainless People those are going on like that hoping to hurt others? They must really have a IQ of bath ball. You know the plastic ones With only air in it. It can not be any much more than that, since they have not the ability to see longer than their own little corner of the world. Their mean hurtful little corner of  world. I mean, what if it was You who does this who was the target of Your abuse? What would it be like if someone did it to You? Think before You spread Your stink around, and think of the wider consequens Your action could cause. If you hurt someone badly enough they might actually take the step to kill themselves. And what if You were the reason they did it? You know, there is something called karma. What goes around, comes around. I personally often wish You meet yourself in the door. Maybe that would make You know yourself a bit better?

I also often read about People getting hurt by others. And I have also all to often experienced People who in their spiteful little lives need to push other People around to feel they are strong, in the centre of attention. and the need to make a point even for the smallest little thing. Grow up and be an adult about it.

Today I read an article about Simon Brooks, 15 years old, who killed himself due to bullying. I have also read about a man in Sweden who was bullied at work and killed himself. Bus drivers are also often target of different passengers pitiful and spiteful little lives, and the need to “take that one” for what he or she supposedly did or did not do, or even have not done at all. Some customer make a fantasy story up and address it to the employer or other arena to get revenge. Sometimes it is for the smallest Things, sometimes it is even the customers own fault they were talked to. I have experienced it myself, and I know of stories told by People I have worked With telling about customers lying to their bosses to make a mess and hurt the employee. Do You actually know how small You are? The lowest of the lowest, if You ask me. If You have to complaint at least be Nice about it. and at least have the decency to be honest.

Really, be mature, honest and grow up. Only small-minded People bully, lie, revenge and try to be hurtful.

Simon Brooks, 15 was bullied at School. And he killed himself.

Lasse Persson, 53 was bullied at work,  He looked for help With the management, but they did not help. He committed suicide. The management are now sentenced in Swedish Court as responsible for the suicide. (link in Swedish)

Those who do not kill themselves maybe get depressed, get in such a bad condition they have to go on sick leave, some have to change Schools or work (either from needing a New environment or they get sacked because of the lies).

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Maybe You do not like what You read today? Well, at least it is the truth, even if it is the harsh truth. If You feel I just hit You like the hammer on the head of the nail, then You have a great deal of self work to do.

If You do not like someone, just leave them alone. If someone leaves You and You feel hurt from it, just leave them alone. If You do not like what someone do, just leave and leave them alone.

Revenge, lies and spitefulness only makes You a spiteful and pityful person.

Grow up and be mature about it.