Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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To flyktninger forsøkte svømme

I vinter ble det gjort to identiske likfunn i Norge og Nederland med 67 dagers mellomrom. Stedet gutten en gang kalte hjem, Damaskus i Syria, var ikke lenger noe hjem. 22 år gamle Mouaz Al Balkhi fra Syria skrev til sin onkel at han trodde det var mulig å komme seg ut til en båt, eller svømme over kanalen til England. Han møtte en reisekamrat på veien Shadi Omar Kataf som også sendte en melding til sin onkel: «Det er Shadi. Jeg er i Calais i Frankrike. Du må komme og hente laptopen og ryggsekken min. Jeg har ikke nok penger til å bruke menneskesmuglere, så jeg skal kjøpe en våtdrakt og svømme til England.» Disse to valgte å forsøke å svømme over fra Frankrike til England i Oktober.
I Nordsjøen og Den engelske kanal er temperaturen i vannet sjelden over +15C. I slutten av oktober, da liken etter guttene ble funnet, er normaltemperaturen +10C, og senere på året enda lavere.

Om bare noen hadde fortalt dem at nordiske farvann er livsfarlige om vinteren og medfører hypotermi etter bare en kort stund i vannet. Kanskje ville de da ha valgt å ikke forsøke å svømme, kanskje de da ville vært i livet i dag?

Jeg ble trist da jeg leste om dette. Hvor farlig brist på kunnskap kan være, om hvor farlig det er med lite kunnskap om forskjell i områder mot det de er vande med, og hvor farlig brist på kunnskap om temperatur og lave temperaturer er, at lave temperaturer dreper.

Men hvem har skylda? Om man nå skal finne noen å legge skyld på. Jeg klandrer dem som gjorde hjemmene deres umulig å leve i.

Kilde: og Kripos

In English

Two refugees tried to swim

This winter it was made two identical findings of corpses in Norway and the Netherlands with 67 day intervals. The place the boy once called home, Damascus in Syria, was no longer a home. 22 year old Mouaz Al Balkhi from Syria wrote to his uncle that he thought it was possible to get out to a boat, or swim across the channel to England. He had found a travelling companion Shadi Omar Kataf who also wrote to his oncle “It is Shadi. I’m in Calais in France. You must come and fetch my laptop and my backpack. I do not have enough money to use traffickers, so I’ll buy a wetsuit and swim to England.” These two chose to attempt to swim across from France to England in October.
In the North Sea and the English Channel temperature in the water is rarely over +15C (59F). In late October, when their bodies were found, the normal temperature is +10C (50F), later in the year even lower temperatures.

If only someone had told them that Nordic waters are dangerous in winter, actually life threatening, causing hypothermia after only a short while. Maybe then they maybe had been alive today.

Reading about this made me sad. What lack of knowledge can do. It is not the same everywhere, temperatures vary, and low temperatures kill.

But who is to blame? I actually blame those who made their home impossible to live in.

Source: and Kripos

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Scents limits Bittans life – Bittan Lagerman –

Fragrances limit Bittan’s life

“Scent is often associated with something positive. What you smell good” and so on. For Bittan Lagerman this word now  got another, more negative connotation.

It has crept in over several years, says Motala woman who gets sick of scent from perfumes and perfumed hygiene products, detergents and fabric softeners.

I get terribly hoarse and could barely talk. And I get a tightness in the chest so that it becomes hard to breathe.

Bittan sought help from a health center in the spring. When she said she suspected that her complaints had to do with scent she did not get much sympathy I started to do research myself online. And so I took notes on when I become poor and what I did when I was there.

Eventually she come to the ear nose throat clinic in Linköping and on to the Allergy Centre and where an investigation has begun.  They think I may have SHR says Bittan.

SHR stands for sensory hyperreactivity, ie, respiratory symptoms triggered by chemicals or fragrances.

Bittan had to change her life. Continue reading

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The movie Arn

The movie Arn got winds of true history in it, and part is fiction.
I love the movie Arn, and have seen both part 1 and part 2, so this seeing this tv version is rerun. :)

But honestly it seems that writer and film maker has allowed themselves some freedom from the history when they made ​​this movie. Among other things Chamsiin, the horse, must have been terribly old in 1199.

This movie is based on real historical events and people aside from Arn and Cecilia and their kids (and some more).

Video Source:

“The Catholic headquarters for northern Europe in Bremen Germany wanted to gain influence in Scandinavia. Therefore it sent out Continue reading

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County Council of Jämtland support nation wide smoke ban

“County Council of Jämtland in Sweden maybe the first to support that Sweden will become smoke-free in 2025. The costs of tobacco, counting production and diseases, is valued cost for the country to be 30 billion annually. In Jämtland costs of smoking is 396 million annually.

– I support a total smoking ban, says parliamentarian Gunnar Sandberg (S), which has been responsible for public health in parliamentary work. I’m not sure that we get there in 2025, but we must be able to set up milestones. Continue reading


Summer holiday 2014

Summer holiday

This year we have had the best summer for over 14 years. Temperatures up to + 30 C or more and sun all day long, at least most days. I was going south this year. Last year I was north and went all the way to the North Cape, so this year I aimed to visit Lindesnes the most south of Norway. Actually plan was to go camping with a friend one week this summer, but she moved to Germany so I altered the plans.

First day I had a really bad rain, storm and thunder. Here at Strynefjell. When I was to sleep that night I actually was scared the camping trailer would tilt. Of course it didn’t but I was scared. I could have driven further that day but the wind came from behind the mountains and if I was going down the other side the wind would have been even worse. So better safe than sorry. I thought to myself: “- Is this going to be another rainy summer?” But it would become better, much better. Like sun tan better. :) Continue reading

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Summer 2013

Lovely summer vacation 2013

Tradition on this blog bids a few photos from the vacation. I sit looking through the photos from summer of 2013 and enjoy it all over again. It was one of the best summer vacations I have ever had. I had bought a used small  camping wagon. Nothing expensive, just a roof over my head and also replaced my old car With a 2004 model. Travel went first to Sweden to see two old friends of mine. I ended up travelling Sweden, Finland, Northern Norway. I went to Vadsø, Hamningberg, North Cape, Bird Safari at Gjesvær, Whale Safari at Andenes and much more. :) Continue reading

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Smoke free outdoor dining areas Sweden

On the progress in Sweden!

We like smoke free!

“We like smoke free” is a two-year project (2012 – 2014) operated by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association, and funded by the Swedish National Institute of Public Health. The goal is to create smoke-free terraces on a voluntary basis and in time expand the Tobacco Act.


Good with smoke free outdoor dining areas and cafes! I often do not og such Places du to people smoke there. Such  make restaurant lose customers!

In addition…

Smoking = Egoism. Smoking, here You think only of just yourself. The smoke contains the same thing outdoors as if you were indoors.

Sensitive people react as much to smoke whether it be outside or inside.

Those who smoke have chosen to smoke, so then you must take it on your own account. When you smoke, you do not just make a choice for yourself but also for all others around you, often against their will. We who do not smoke have neither the desire or need to be exposed to it. Actually if you look deeper on the fact: – If you smoke where others are then you force others to smoke when you sit there smoking and your gases spread around you. That is why I prefer to call Passive Smoking for Forced Smoking. It is a right to be able to choose for oneself  what one inhale. Many become acutely ill by tobacco smoke. People with asthma reacts to substances spread in the air at rates as low as 0.02 ppm, therefore it is does not matter if it is smoked indoors or outdoors, it is equally bad in both. You who do not like the smoking ban, do you think it is right that others who do not want to inhale the fumes must sit in a gas mask to avoid breathing in your smoke? You can not control where the smoke goes. 300 million people worldwide have asthma and 250,000 people die from asthma each year, according to numbers from the WHO (2011), and smoking makes many sick, and very many have acute hospitalized because of breathing problems due to others smoking. People having Lung disease is also entitled to go on the terrace and dine in the sun. It should not be that hard to understand?

/ Annelie

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Sensitivites like MCS acknowledged as work injury in Sweden

Since I have asthma and it is close to what those having MCS are experiencing having problems with cases of MCS and their issues intrests me a lot. Today I read a really important winning for MCS’s in Sweden. A man with the help of the Workers Unions lawyer won against the Swedish Social Security department called Försäkringskassan.

Congratulations all with MCS in Sweden because this is a winning for you all! A case won in court is a legal statement for all of you who may come in the same situation.

The case:
(2012-11-22) LO-TCO Workers Rights Protection has won a case in the Kammarrätten court in Gothenburg where the issue was on appeal after a petrol drenching can be approved as a work injury and diagnoses TILT (chemical sensitivity) and MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) can be work-related injury.

The goal is about a truck driver who has been awash in gasoline in connection with the accident. The man is a member of the Transport Workers’ Union. He was fully working for three years after the accident and then became completely incapacitated with severe disease symptoms. There was no medical documentation to substantiate complaints over three years.

An oral hearing was held in administrative law where witnesses substantiated member tale of trouble over the years until he became sick. Legal protection is invoked three expert opinions of specialists in occupational and environmental medicine. Insurance relied on their part, three specialists in occupational and environmental medicine to support that connection does not exist.

The Administrative Court found after the hearing that although the medical mechanisms of current symptoms are not fully scientifically understood so it seems more likely that the member illness and discomfort is more likely to be caused by the accident accident than not. The appeal was approved an occupational injury.

Försäkringskassan tried to overrule and appeal in Gothenburg to higher court, but them agreed with former ruling. These symptoms diagnoses have probably not been previously approved as a work-related injury.

Attorneys in the case was union lawyer Ulf Lejonklou.

End Qoute

Source: Union law site:

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Guttane – the boys


Guttane is in Sweden outside of Åmål in the south. Guttane in Norwegian means in English the boys.


Photo Copyright Annelie Molin. No downloading, copying, use without written permission.


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Fjäll – Mountain


Fjäll is in Sweden and means mountain. Fun stuff it is not only the name of the village, but here is no mountains to be seen anywere for miles!

 Photo Copyright Annelie Molin. No downloading, copying, use without written permission.


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Dingle – dingle

Dingle is in Sweden and in Norwegian means to have your legs hanging when sitting on a to high chair. It is almost similar in Swedish where it is said dingla.
Photo Copyright Annelie Molin. No downloading, copying, use without written permission.

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By – town or village?

By is in Sweden, and here is a good example of the differenses in the Swedish and Norwegian languages. A “by” [byi] in Sweden is a small village, but in Norway “by” [byi] is a bigger town.
Photo Copyright Annelie Molin. No downloading, copying, use without written permission.

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Bottna – to reach bottom

Bottna is in Sweden and translated to English it is to reach the bottom of a lake standing on the buttom with your head above the surface.
Photo Copyright Annelie Molin. No downloading, copying without written permission.

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Ansvar – Responsibility

Ansvar is a small place in Sweden. The Swedish word ansvar is same as Responsibility, and a real name of a village.
Photo Copyright Annelie Molin. No downloading, copying without written permission.