Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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Toten Norway

Toten in Norway or should I say “Toten Ins Norwegen”? That is Dead in Norway in German. Yes that is right. ;)

Toten is a place in Norway.

In (Ins) Toten among other things you find


Toten Gym – Like a gym for the dead is an issue?


Toten Egg – Eggs from this place is not alive.


Toten Transport – Dead Transport Huh? I wonder what the Germans think when they see this?

And on top of it the West of Toten got knifes in their weapon.


What Toten really mean in Norwegian I have no clue, but if you read it in German it gets really funny.

Toten is located between Gjøvik, Hamar and Oslo.

(ps. Dear citizens of Toten, this is just for laughs so please do not get offended.)

Photos from net: Toten Egg, Toten Treningssenter, Toten Transport, Toten