Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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Flood in Sykkylven Norway


It have been raining heavily for two days now, and tomorrow it is expected 60 mm in one day. I was in Sykkylven today, and I took some photographs. This is the most flood I have seen here ever.

Rivers are hugh. Continue reading

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Full moon

Full moon – Big in media

Last night I was out to see the full moon everyone was talking about so much. In media they said it would be HUGH in big letters. I must say the full moon last night was much overrated, I have seen MUCH bigger before, but sadly I did not take a photo. I was at work that day I saw the biggest moon I have ever seen, and as I am a person who put great honor in doing a good job and not mess with private stuff while working I did not take a photo. But man do I regret it.

Well last night (or rather early this morning) I was out photographing the moon. I tried some different ways to adjust the light, shutter and so on and this is the result. Continue reading


Trollstigen / Troll Path Norway 2014

The fail shopping trip

I got a gift card from a friend this summer for clothes at UNO.  So when I got home I decided to go to UNO Åndalsnes to see what I could find. Actually UNO is not really my cup of tea but when one get a gift card for 800 NOK I just had to see what to find. There were ads for some sandals. I rarely find anything that fit my taste there, only once I found a dress so I though that maybe they have at least one item I would like.

I went there and drove a really long way, it was approximately 100 km. When I came to the store the lady in the store refused to accept the gift card because it was bought at UNO Bergen. She was afraid that she would lose her money. The gift card was in order but she said I had to go to Bergen to UNO Bergen to use it. That is over 600 km and I have to cross two county borders to get there!

I was really disappointed and left the store. Since it was not far from Trollstigen (Troll Path) I though, why not take a tour there. And I took many photographs. Continue reading


Summer holiday 2014

Summer holiday

This year we have had the best summer for over 14 years. Temperatures up to + 30 C or more and sun all day long, at least most days. I was going south this year. Last year I was north and went all the way to the North Cape, so this year I aimed to visit Lindesnes the most south of Norway. Actually plan was to go camping with a friend one week this summer, but she moved to Germany so I altered the plans.

First day I had a really bad rain, storm and thunder. Here at Strynefjell. When I was to sleep that night I actually was scared the camping trailer would tilt. Of course it didn’t but I was scared. I could have driven further that day but the wind came from behind the mountains and if I was going down the other side the wind would have been even worse. So better safe than sorry. I thought to myself: “- Is this going to be another rainy summer?” But it would become better, much better. Like sun tan better. :) Continue reading

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Summer 2013

Lovely summer vacation 2013

Tradition on this blog bids a few photos from the vacation. I sit looking through the photos from summer of 2013 and enjoy it all over again. It was one of the best summer vacations I have ever had. I had bought a used small  camping wagon. Nothing expensive, just a roof over my head and also replaced my old car With a 2004 model. Travel went first to Sweden to see two old friends of mine. I ended up travelling Sweden, Finland, Northern Norway. I went to Vadsø, Hamningberg, North Cape, Bird Safari at Gjesvær, Whale Safari at Andenes and much more. :) Continue reading

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Camping and Asthma

Vacation, Wildlife, fresh air, a lot of Things to see, friends to visit, and many days off from work. Last year I bought a camping wagon. Nothing very fancy, it is old but in rather good condition. Camping life should be gold for someone  having asthma, and many times and situations it is. I have been  rarely ill this vacation. I have been travelliing alone, camping and enjoying the free days doing whatever I want.

It have been wonderful, and I have had a great Health most of the time. Unfortunately when you are camping it is not possible to always Control the ennvironment you are in. And now I come to the issue for this blog entry.

Going camping in a trailer and going many Places you come and meet many People and Places. You are out of Your safe environment where you can predict the risks.

I have been to restaurants and diners and have eaten wonderful meals, but then I have had been forced to use the ladies room after. Going different Places there are different toilets and surroundings. After the meal, feeling content and happy, I go to the WC like most People need to.

Well in there, in the need we all know so well, I feel the scent spreading in the toilet room and look up the wall under the ceiling and there is the fragrance pump mounted on the wall or any other fragrance giver to the air. As any other person I need to do my buisness but often have to choose between doing my arrend or have an asthma attack. That ladies and gentlement is a crap alternative to choose from. Do it in Your pants or get sick?

Well you see the Picture.

The smell hell – the fragrance pollution of the air. I think it should be fordidden With such fragrancers in Public rooms, or is the Public room only for those without asthma?

During a camping holiday you also encounters camping sites. You pay for the camping spot with electricity and get Access to shower, Kitchen, washing clothes, emptying Your camper toilet, a.s. I do not always use camping sites, but when I do I often encounter the problem using the fellow rooms: shower, kitchen, washing room and possible tv-room if there is one. And why? Well, it is because I can not use or be subjected to any fragranced products, fragrance candles, insence and such without getting breathing problems. At a camping there are other People. Not that I mind Meeting others, that is Nice, but they use fragrance, non true hypoallergenic products safe for asthma, and their fumes are spread in the shower, WC room, kitchen, washing room and so on. People showering in the fragrance products washing their hair and body in it, washing their clothes, drying them in a dryer, washing up the dishes in Products threatening to asthma, and styling their hair With “poisoning” hairstyling Products, and also the camping putting fragranced candles, airfresheners, and fragrance soap for all  to use. All of it gassing off in the air we all shall be able to Breathe. Result is that I who have also paid for being able to be there have to run out of there and inhale asthma medicine. Their fumes force me away.

And also in WC room there are WC Blocks perfuming the air, and hand soap fragranced and impossible for me to use.

I wish from all who have a camping, restaurant, diner, petrol station and so on letting customers come or camp With them:

PLEASE! Have fragrance and color free asthma and allergy friendly Products for use for all at Your buisness or camping. Please, let People buy fragrance free washing powder and softener, have fragrance free washing up Liquid and have schampo, conditioner and shower cream installed. Include it in the price. And cut the airfresheners and fragrance pumps, it is air pollution. It would be som much easier for all of us. Think of that there are 300 million People having asthma in the world and many of them visit Your buisness or camping.

You do want the best for ALL Your customers, don’t you?

Thank you

/ Annelie

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Vacation 2013

Hi, I am back! Have you missed me? I have been on an amazing travel though Sweden, Finland and the North of Norway. I have visited friends, been walking in the Mountains, sunbathing, swimming, I have seen a lot of Places, I have been on bird safari, and whale safari. And I have even spotted several of fun signs along the roads. I have driven about 7200 km and I have taken over 3000 photographs.

It will take a while to put everything together, but I have in mind to publish some small golden moments from the Journey. The very best views.

How are you today?

/ Annelie

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Atlanterhavsvegen and Farstadstranda Norway

Today I went on a little trip with a  friend.  Yesterday I suggested we would go to Farstadstranda where I have been before and remember as a really nice place. I recalled the approximate place and way to drive there. I started driving on recall, but later I got unsure of the way. So since we had driven a long time we went to Atlanterhavsvegen instead.

Atlanterhavsvegen is a Atlantic Road built between islands across the sea. We stopped at a nice little cove.


I was badly sun burnt so I had to hide under layers of clothes. “Ali Baba” on tour… ;) LOL

I spotted the two masts on a mountain peak and remembered the sands was about. So on the way back I drove that direction and we found Farstadstranda.


It was really hard and cold wind at Farstadstranda so it was  good I did not find it on the first try. It was much better sitting by the cove at Atlanterhavsvegen protected from the wind by the cliffs. But Farstadstranden is really nice, and a nice summer day it is fantastic!

/ Annelie

More from Atlanterhavsvegen and Dolphins at Atlanterhavsvegen

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Grodås and Stryn Norway

I went on a little car trip with a friend this Sunday 5 of May 2013. We drove to Grodås in Hornindal and walked the dog along a road that was taken by the hurricane in December 2011.


After some fresh air and a walk we went to Stryn and drove the Panorama Road. I was a bit disapointed about this road because there were so much trees that was in the way of the panorama view. There were only one place they had cut the vegetation down so one could see the fjord and the mountains. But we got a look at it.


At 5 PM it was about time to start on the drive home. We drove through Ørsta and got this nice view on the way there.


Have a Nice Sunday!

/ Annelie

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Asthma and sensitivity friendly path at Kastrup

Snik forbi Taxfree og parfymeriene på Kastrup. Der er en vei spesielt laget for deg som er sensitiv overfor parfyme, bare få kjenner den. :)

Dette skulle de ha på flere flyplasser!

In English

Sneak past Taxfree and perfume factories at Kastrup. There is a road specially made for those who are sensitive to perfume, just know it. :)

This more airports should offer to those sensitive!

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Nedsætra Sykkylven Norway

Yesterday I went on a little short car trip. It was nice and suprisingly much snow at Nedsætra.

Paid 30 krona for the toll road.


Winter road.


Animal gathering spot


Snowy mountains and 4×4 driving.


It was to much snow to drive all the way to the end, the car started to slide in the tractor tracks and I did not want to get stuck.



Old cabin




Frozen river


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A sleeping bag and a pillow

A sleeping bag and a pillow should be standard equipment in any car while driving in the countryside both winter and summer. If you are a long way from civilisation and you get trouble with your car of any kind you will need the  pillow and the sleeping bag to get rest and keep warm. This is specially important when you drive in the winter, and even more so if you drive in the mountains. If you get snowed in it might take a long time to get help. If you run out of petrol you will soon find yourself freezing in your car pretty soon. And leaving your car in a blizzard is a bad idea. Having your sleeping bag and pillow, warm clothes with you along with some hot drink on a thermos may save your life.


Wild dolphins at Atlanterhavsvegen Norway

Yesterday I went by car over Kristiansund through Atlantic tunnel to Atlantic road at Averøy.

Going there the ferry left at Vestnes with a huge line of cars left on the docks, even though there were room for more cars. I was one of them who would not have had to wait if they had taken us onboard, and that bugged me. But I think it maybe had something to do with they had two big gasoline trailers onboard. There are some rules for security issues regarding that. Any way, I had to wait for 30 minutes to get onboard. And the line behind me was LONG!

Waiting… waiting… waiting…

Then finally I was able to get on board (video). While onboard, stopped the engine and waiting for departure a tractor came driving having an old Opel on the trailer. It probably had been standing declining in the forest for a long time. It had its own eco system. : )

Well onboard this guy came onboard with his cargo. The old Opel almost got its own Eco system. :)

I got off the ferry (video) and drove through Molde to Kristiansund. Drove by the lovely Norwegian countryside (video) and then I went over Kristiansund through Atlantic tunnel to Averøy and drove the Atlantic road (video).

And there they were. The dolphins, and they were as lovely as they are on tv. And I was so blessed I could see them in the wild. : )

Wild dolphines at Averøy

I also shot a video of the dolphins.

I am thinking of going there next weekend too and see if they are still there. Then I will bring my canoe, wet suit, goggles and snorkel and take some under water pictures.

(Remaining videos I will add later.)

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