Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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7 May World Asthma day

Tuesday 7 of May 2013 is The World Asthma Day. It is a day of awareness on asthma and the struggle having it.

I wish for 7  of May to be a day where all People all over think of what it would be like to get cramping mucus filled lungs leading to breathing problems due to their own smoke and perfume use.

I would like to make awareness on the fact that asthma Control is not only taking medicines, but also staying away from allergens and irritants. And here the Public come in as a very important contributor. I want all to use the 7 of May to help make a world easier to Breathe in.  Cut smoke, and fragrance, incense and fragrance products. When you use such fragrance products you do not only take a choise for yourself but for all around you. We need fresh air to Breathe, not fragrance, tobacco, or other chemicals. Make 7 of May the day you start a life without those products. There are so many alternatives.

Start help making an easy to Breathe environment for all. Help us Control asthma.

Please, poke around at my site to learn more about asthma.

Have a lovely day!

/ Annelie

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